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Use the email below which you can type by hand (it cannot be copy pasted) into your email software, email app, or email web system as the "To" email address to request some free PC Support.
Email address to contact for PC Support

Introductory Offer - I will pay you to use this website's PC support

The first two people per month who contact me for free computer support using the email on this website, will receive AU$10 each from me, the payment will be made either by paypal if you provide me with your paypal account email (available to all countries), or by direct transfer to your Australian Bank Account if you provide me your BSB and Account number, if you are unable to accept either of those methods then no payment will be made, if the conversation and communication between us is unable to go ahead for any reason (such as internet problems) then no payment will be made, and this offer can be discontinued or cancelled at any time without notice.

Disclaimer and age information

Please note
  1. I may post content discussed by email and phone and web form, on the "Dialogues" page of this website and/or other places online.
  2. PC Support is only for adults age 18+

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Please enter below your optional Contact Information, an optional Computer Support Question that you have, and optional any Feedback/Comments/Thoughts/Ideas that you want to say to me. All input boxes below are optional and you can leave any of them empty if you decide. After filling them out click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

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Questions for my improvement of the website:
7. Why have you not sent an email now to the support email on this webpage, despite the potential to receive money?
8. When do you plan to contact the support email on this webpage in the future?
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10. Do you think this service will be of value to you, if not, why not?
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Enter any feedback, comments, thoughts, anything you would like to say to me, suggestions, ideas of productive things for me to do, changes I can make to the things I do, improvements, anything that might work, ways to make money, ways to find paid work, hobby ideas, websites I might like to visit or join, etc.
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